Comments: Baltimore Peach Cake


this looks delicious!

Paul - it didn't last long, if that's any indication

I've found that many regional cakes are not "special" in their relationship to their regions. Some have to do with where ethnic groups settled, some are new twists on old favorites, and many have to do only with the locations of the cakes' creators.

Look at the Smith Island Cake. Candy's not really a Maryland specialty, and lots of recipes call for evaporated milk. And the southern Italian Cream Cake? Nothing Italian—or southern—about it, except maybe the woman who created it and the wealthy family for whom she created it (supposedly).

The Baltimore Peach Cake is an old tradition, though; lots of these family-owned bakeries have been selling them for ages.

If I were someone who liked cakes with fruit, I'd sure eat this one!

Thanks for the good writing.

I would like a recipe for that Hooper's Island cake with many many layers. I think it had coconut icing.

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