Comments: The Best Eggplant makes Great Sandwiches


I will definitely try garlic-infusion next time, thanks for the tip.

I'm curious: why the different sandwiches?

Paul - of course garlic makes everything better.

We had different sandwiches because we were low on pesto and I wasn't so sure the red pepper would go so well with it, and that's what I really had the taste for. The Redhead wanted pesto on her sandwich and no red pepper, so it worked out well.

Reasonable enough... so, which one was better?

Well, I thought the pesto one was fine, but I was craving roasted red pepper so my sandwich was clearly superior!

My mouth is watering...Will this sandwich keep, wrapped up and refrigerated for a few hours? What is best prep for eggplant meant for a sandwich that is to be eaten later in the day?

Bonaberg - I wrapped one up in aluminum foil and it worked fine later in the day. The feta and mayo should keep your bread dry from pepper and eggplant moisture.

You could also use tiny little tupperware containers (we have a lot of them, and construct the sandwich at lunch just before eating. Slices of eggplant I'd sauteed three days earlier were still great when I used them.

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