Comments: Cilantro Pesto and Black Bean Cakes


I use a similar cilantro pesto as a dip for carrot sticks (or in this day and age, those "baby" carrots you can buy in the bag). Yummy indeed.

My cilantro pesto is a little less complicated -- cilantro, lime juice, almonds [it used to be really hard to get pepitas], and oil -- but the garlic addition sounds yummy.


OoOOoOo, that sounds darned fine, nicely done. I believe if Biggles made some of these fine items, he'd add the chorizo. His meat dealer has fresh El Salvadorian chorizo, hooya.


Just last night I took my left over Rick Bayless tomatillo salsa tossed it into the food processor with more cilantro and another jalepano, added a little olive oil to thin it our and wham bam, cilantro pesto bright green yumminess!

I marinated some chicken in it and served the rest with dinner. It was very good.

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