Comments: Can she bake a fishy pie?


Hi Meg,
Tried this the other night and it was terrific. The parma ham is a great touch. Substituted sweetcorn for the mushrooms, which worked pretty well.
Thanks for sharing the recipe!

I don't get the prohibition against mushrooms in a fish pie. Google shows 2.6 million hits for fish and mushroom, and I think they taste great together in a creamy sauce.

Has the critic given you any basis for the prohibition?

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Well, he's not a huge fan of mushrooms at the best of times, to be honest. And he doesn't like to see favourite foods changed in any way. Last night, I added a teaspoon of white pepper to the sweetcorn we had with dinner and he told me "You know if you had asked me in advance I would have said NO, but actually that was inspired." After ten years, he still doesn't trust me!

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