Comments: Sad days call for chocolate


What a great photo.

The recipe looks delicious, though I think it's now incumbent upon you to ferret out a recipe for chocolate-raspberry jam or to wheedle it out of your cousins.

Barrett, I'll do my best. My stepdaughter is visiting and she has been spreading it on her morning toast and thought it was delish. But now that I made a double-batch of the raspberry brownies I'm already running low, less than a week after opening the I'll need to find a recipe if I'm going to make it again!

Cool photo.

So glad you like those brownies. And btw, they are awfully good with a scoop of homemade ice cream too! : )

David, I don't just "like" those brownies - I LOVE them. And I forgot to add to the post: BUY DAVID'S BOOKS!!! Seriously, people, you won't regret it.

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