Comments: Turning up the Heat on Mario


Awesome book. I admire how Buford "did his time" to understand wheree chefs like Mario are coming from and what their experience is learning their craft. I would make anyone considering becoming a chef to read the book.

BTW - I'm giving copies of "United States of Arugula" away in a contest at my blog, This Mama Cooks! It's also a terrific book, but this time of the evolution of gourmet cooking in the US. A great read for any foodie.

Stop on by and enter. I have lots of copies left.

Well, well. That's a mighty fine review there pally boy, nice shootin'. So good in fact, I think I'll go find me a copy.


Didja see the Guardian's digestion of Buford?

heh heh

Eve - That was a very amusing digestion of Heat, but they left out the Dante!

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