Comments: What the World Eats


I saw that! I found it interesting that the Italian family had what I counted as twelve loaves of bread. Do they really eat twelve loaves of bread a week? And the two American families both included take-out food, and where the only two to do so, as far as I could recognize. By my count, the German family had twenty bottles of beer, four bottles of wine, twenty bottles of either mineral water or soda -- I don't know which -- eleven cartons of orange juice, and six cartons of other juices. This is a four-member family, including two kids. They also paid the most per week, $500, even though they were one of the smallest families. Speaking of "smallest families," it was interesting to see not only what and how much each family ate, but how big it was, and how many generations it spanned, and what that might say about the different cultures.

That is one of my favourite books. I wish it was used in cooking instruction - even in schools. It's amazing work.

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