Comments: Easter Egg Dye: a recipe for fun!


Something's wrong here - Kieran and the room are looking way too clean for this to be real dye!

Mar, the background is the result of selective cropping. As for the boy - well, he refused to put on the plastic apron, to my great dismay. But I guess he got some "neat" genes from his dad because he did pretty well anyway!

The table got a few drops of dye, but we had already decided to intentionally go with untreated wood so that he can be as messy as he likes for the moment and then when he's older we'll just paint it! : )

I still don't think you'll want him decorating eggs in your elegant new home, though, mind you!

Wow, that looks like fun. Do you eat the eggs afterwards?

Julian, unfortunately I think I'm the only hard-boiled egg eater in the house so, *yes* I do eat the eggs afterwards - or at least as many as I can before I get sick of them! Tomorrow I'll be chopping up a few and mixing them with mayo, mustard, chives and a drop of vinegar for an egg salad sandwich! Now I know how my mom felt when Easter came round and she used to complain about how many eggs we wanted to decorate!!

I love hard-boiled eggs especially with Hellman's mayonnaise, so if there are any left over then don't hesitate.....

that was exactly what i had in mind for max (3) this year. unfortunately, no white eggs to be found. keeping the colours for next year - might have to buy a hen or lay my own ;-))

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