Comments: Italian Onion Soup


Sounds great Meg...can't wait to try it. Your English Onion Soup is a family favorite, and has a regular slot in my "recipe rotation"

From a chef in Chicago... it's still gray and dreary and probably will be until April. At least it's not as cold in Paris!

As for your soup - it sounds deliciously bone-warming. I blogged about winter soups as well - the weather seemed to necessitate it.

Why not peel and cube and add directly to the soup with an extra cup of water?

Also! To make this dish really Italian you need to serve it with fresh chopped parsley! :)

David, I'm delighted the English onion soup has proved such a favourite with your family!

Kit Door, the parsley is definitely going in next time - great idea. As for the potatoes, cooking them separately gives you the time to saute the onions simultaneously. It also makes them easier to peel! But you could definitely just pop them in the pot raw and cook for longer. In fact, in that case you could use nice thin-skinned ones (new potatoes should be arriving soon!) and skip peeling altogether!

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