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A couple times every winter my dad makes a VAT of vegetable soup. He starts with stock, adds can after can of beans, then loads in the veggies, rice, noodles and whatever else is on-hand. And we literally live off of it for weeks. It's a fantastic skill to have!

my best pantry-friendly vegan stew is as follows (one can of each): canned potatoes (drained), canned lentils (drained), canned tomato sauce (not spagetti sauce) and a can of vegetarian chili. I've even given it to friends, like a kit in a gift basket....yummers-in-a-can

I'm all for veg bean soups - they're easy to make and really accessible for non-vegetarians at the table. For what it's worth (and at the risk of coming off as tacky and self-promoting), we've done some calculations to figure out the environmental impact of black bean soup and veg. chili at

Bernard Brown

I rather enjoy this soup, a minestrone-style soup without the pasta.

I use the recipe to make a 15-bean soup. Dried beans aren't all that hard to make, though they make this soup less of a quick soup and more of a "everyone is coming over tomorrow" soup, because the way dried beans become eay is through the "pre-soak".

Wash the beans. Toss all the beans into a large container, one capable of fitting into your refrigerator (a one-gallon zip-lock bag will do as well). Fill the container or bag with water (imagine the beans twice as big and fill to that level), and seal the container with a lid or plastic wrap, or just close the bag. Soak overnight in the fridge (about 12-16 hours, though 24 hours is fine a well).

Drain the soaking water and toss into a pot with more water (such as the broth called for in the recipe) for cooking. Generally it will take just one more hour of cooking to cook most beans, though you may have to cook an hour and a half.

If you'd like a quick-cooking dry beans soup, you can make a three-bean variety using the no-pre-soak beans: lentils, green split peas, and yellow split peas. These generally cook up only slightly slower than canned beans.

So pleased that I found your recipe! I was, in fact, asked to cook up enough hearty vegetarian soup to feed 15-20 people on short notice, and this did the trick!

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