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Oh My God!! My Grandmother used to make this for us!! I haven't thought about this in a very long time, thanks for posting! It brings back some great memories! :)

You are kidding! Is this true? I live in the northern part of Sweden. We have got snow, lots of clean white snow. I have never heard of Snow cream. You made me very curious.

I remember when my mom used to make it for us when we were young.I live in no.Kentucky. Now I make it for my kids,what fun we have.Just made a batch today.Thanks

My Grandmother also made this for us when we were kids - she included just a touch of cinnamon to the recipe listed above and it adds an interesting flavor to the vanilla snow cream.

my dad use to make this for me and my sister when we where young. Thanks for posting the recipe, now i can make it for my son. it'll take way better than the plain snow he likes to eat! lol

We're Grandparents visiting the Mich grandchildren where we are having snow and more snow. Our surprise for tonight was to make snowcream. Thank you for the recipe. The kids were quite taken away with it. They had to guess why we were collecting the new fallen snow in a roasting pan on the deck.

When I lived in Alaska, I would just place my bowl out in the yard to catch the snow as it fell. It didn't long to get a full bowl during a heavy snowfall!! Just a helpful pioneer household hint.

you know I never tried this, but just got snow cone maker, lol and thinking would be great for making snow cream, just like snow, but all fresh and clean and can make any time of the year! I'm gonna try this tomarrow! ;=)

We used to make this when I was a kid growing up in Southern Illinois. We were too poor to buy ice cream very often. Winter was one of the few times I could count on getting ice cream. We made it every time it snowed.

Oh - growing up - snow cream was a treat - but never w/the first snow. My Mom had snow cream while growing up - this is an old time recipe and just great. Brings back so many memories and so good!!!!!!!!!!

and a little trick to it would be add some syrup to your milk or cream first (the kind you use to make flavored milk) I like strawberry, but my son likes chocolate. It's awesome that way

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