Comments: Shrove Tuesday: Two Rich and Creamy Crêpes


your Crêpes seems so delicous , miam!

"but what the eye doesn't see the tongue often doesn't object to..."

I had first hand experience of the same thing last night when I was cooking a pork lime and cashew dish from one of your favourites - Slater. In a departure from my usual haphazard way of cooking I created mise en place first and fred was getting extremely excited about all the ingredients as I prepared them. He kept saying 'It's gonna taste good, it's gonna be so good". How do you know? I asked him. "Because its got ONLY good stuff in it" he replied. That's why I turned the bottle of fish sauce around so its label was facing the wall. When I added it to the pan he queried "What's that, vinegar?" and I swiftly changed the subject. He didn't notice and he liked the end result much more than I did.

You see, Fred thinks he doesnt like fish of any persuasion.., I'll prove him worng, just not so he knows it!

Sam, many years ago I lived in an open plan studio, where guests could sit at the bar on the other side of the stove and watch me cook. I loved the sociable side of the setup but I'm afraid it would never work with my dear spouse - if he saw half what I put in his food we'd be in counselling I think!!

Tonight he said, "Are there leeks in this?" and I said "Yes", without mentioning that roughly half the filling was leek. (He didn't notice the 'shrooms though!! Hee-hee!)

I love the conniving chefs here! I too have a supremely picky boyfriend (no mushrooms, no seafood, no unidentified objects...) and I quickly learned that sometimes you don't have to disclose every single ingredient. Clearly I'm in good company. :)

As for the crepes - they look divine. I was actually just reminiscing about my study abroad days and the sheer heavenliness of freshly made crepes in Paris. Thanks for the recipes, Meg, I'll have to try them on my own!

These look so yummy!
I know it's boring to ask, but would you tell us your favorite crepe place in Paris besides the ones on the street?
And any tales of the 16th to tell?
You don't happen to do "artichoke crepe nights" do you? :)

Hm, not a boring question but a difficult one. I've mostly been in creperies when we have visitors with kids, so usually in the most touristy areas. I know that the area around Montparnasse is supposed to be a great one for creperies, as it's where the Bretons arrive in Paris. Otherwise, the only specific one that comes to mind is one that is facing the fountain behind the St. Merri church near Pompidou. I checked the Yellow pages and I think this is it:

Crêperie Beaubourg
2, rue Brisemiche
75004 PARIS
01 42 77 63 62

In the 16th, I have no idea! There used to be one in the rue de Passy but I'm pretty sure it had disappeared the last time I was there.

Sorry I can't be of more help! You'll just have to do some serious research on the subject... ; )

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