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Isn't it funny how, so often, the easiest option is to make it yourself?

That looks lovely, and I bet I can find quince jam here.

Any advice on what I could get in the US that's the equivalent of the pâte feuilleté? Making my own pastry scares me :) Google seems to think puff pastry will do?

KathyF - home made is a lot easier as long as you are willing to cheat with a store-bought pastry! ; )

Jen - yes, puff pastry is the same. Sorry, should have provided a translation!

Linda, the apples were pretty sweet already and the quince jelly was extremely sweet so no sugar was needed. I wasn't sure how cinnamon would go with quinces (they are a fairly new territory for me culinarily speaking) and I didn't want to experiment too much with a guest coming. Actually, it was lovely without the cinnamon - very fruity, almost plummy.

Actually, I found a James Martin recipe on the web (he may have been the one I saw on TV) which called for chopped walnuts and honey and a honey and whipped cream topping. I like the idea of adding nuts, but personally didn't feel that more sweetening was needed!

Yum! I am going to make this! Thank you!

Yum! I am going to make this! Thank you!

pastry is very easy - it is all in the technique. the fat (butter, lard, shortening, margerine) must be cold, not mushy. Use a pastry cutter and slice the fat into the flour base until it is the size of peas. You can use knives too with that criss-cross martial arts method. most importantly, you must not mush the fat. let the dough rest in the fridge or a cool space (so it does not mush the fat). Roll it out once. You cannot fold and re-roll or it will mush that fat. All is good if you use this technique. Some secret ingredients help keep the flour and fat separated - I've seen egg yolk, vinegar, baking soda, selzter water, and so on used. However, the basics stand on their own. A splendid test are pastry cookies - little diamonds of dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and baked in a hot oven for about 8 minutes. Cook's reward! thanks for the quince idea - I've got a bucket of quince on the back porch step.

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