Comments: NOT a Christmas Present


I would just say: WOW ! How lucky you are !

Congrads Meg! I couldn't live without my dishwasher. I'm sure you know to add Sel to it monthly, and I only use the Powerball in mine. Maybe it's just the hype, but nothing seems to work for me.

Want me to come over with a load of chocolaty dishes and really put it to the test?

It's now your turn to reciprocate with a "WOW" present for The Critic. May I suggest a full-size snooker table? That should do the trick......

A friend once had a cupboard built entirely of counter-top dish washers. 6 of them piled up in 2 stacks of 3. So all his crockery would go straight into a dish washer. He had the idea when he found out that the small washers cost as little as IKEA kitchen units.

All the best, and if you're feeling like trying a Brazilian recipe, do come visit us at

Amen to buying the top-of-the-line appliances. Its amazing the difference that a hundred bucks or two can make between a dishwasher (or clothes washer or dryer or refrigerator) that just plain works and one that will be a constant thorn in your side. My wife taught me this lesson years ago, and ever since I've never regretted the small additonal expense for devices that work well.

A new dishwasher is on my shopping list for this year. There is space in the kitchen for one - just no space in the budget. I am a firm believer that if I had one NOW, I could spend more time making more money - rather than doing dishes!

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