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"So you can imagine how happy I was...". You and me both.

That looks really good. I'll definitely have to try this.

This is now pretty much my (vegetarian) boyfriend's favorite sandwich. Thanks for posting it!

does anyone have a recipe of vegannaise?

I made this with thin sliced portabella mushroom instead of the tofu and it was excellent. I marinated the mushroom in the sauce for an hour or so, then broiled it briefly in the oven to give it a little smoky flavor.

I'm not a big radish fan, so I substituted half the amount of daikon for jicama and it was delicious!

Thanks for posting the recipe!

Looking good! Here's my version.

Even better: there's a vegetarian fish sauce (nuoc mam) that can be found in most Asian markets. Add a little sugar and some chili pepper flakes to make an incredible marinade.
Also excellent: add cucumber to the mix. And/or basil.

How much cumin is used in the marinade? This looks delicious and I am making it this week.

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