Comments: Pasta with Smoked Trout and Parmesan Cream Sauce


Hah! Here's what my pregnancy calendar has to say about the next week of our baby's development:

"Now is a critical time for your baby's brain and a good time to make sure you get enough fat and cholesterol. You need to make sure that there's some amount of real, non-hydrogenated fat in your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines, are great for your baby's brain. Some fish may be high in mercury, however, so consider limiting your intake of oily fish to about twelve ounces a week and taking an omega-3 supplement instead. 

Also good are the fats in nuts, avocados, and olive oil -- and the fats in dairy products! So help yourself to half-cup servings of butter pecan ice cream. Try to limit your fat intake to one-third of your total daily calories."

Just in time for the holidays too! I have a similar recipe, using smoked salmon but trout sounds lovely too (though a little less pretty). Or kippers...?

oh and a suggestion for next time - I give the dish a squeeze of lemon before serving to liven the flavours a little. Or maybe I'm just constitutionally unable to leave out lemon where fish is concerned?

Meg, I thought about the lemon treatment, but it didn't seem to want or need it. I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt at all.

Of course, I was starving when I made this dish, so maybe it was hunger-sauce filling in for the lemon.

Meg, I was going to post and ask if smoked salmon could be substituted!! Thanks for that as it's easier found here in the ol' Chicago burbs.

Yeesh. Talk about cholesterol and fat.

I just savoured a big bowl of carrot-ginger-coconut-soup - but this recipe makes me hungry again IMMEDIATELY! I've been wondering, how to combine smoked trout and pasta for quite a while, thanks for giving me some inspiration!

Yum! My son caught 5 rainbow trout yesterday which we bbq tonight. But there is only 3 of us so I was wondering what to do with all the wonderful leftovers. Now I know! Thanks!

Pescetarians are often at a chance in the fat intake department. We can't rely on well marbled beef or pork ribs or sausage to release ourselves achieve our goal, and the fat in the fish we do eat is, of all things, healthy

I love this recipe! I use it at least once a year - I wouldn't want to over do all that wonderful dairy goodness!!!
However, in trying to balance awesome taste with a little more healthiness, I've begun adding a few things. I saute zucchini and summer squash in the garlic before adding the other ingredients and after everything else I add grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes cut to bite sizes. The veggies add some nice flavor and colors!

That looks absolutely wonderful.

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