Comments: Giving Thanks (a few days late)


Meg, I really enjoyed this post. Your day sounded wonderful, the wine a delight -- and it was just nice of you to share your thoughts with us. Thanks.

Cheval Blanc, oh, my--I would be very thankful indeed!

About that pumpkin pie: it really IS possible to make good pumpkin filling from scratch, and with minimal effort. After several earlier failures I stumbled into success completely by chance. Faced with some leftover cheese pumpkin I peeled, diced, and nuked the raw cubes of squash--and promptly forgot what I was doing. When I finally remembered the vegetable, I drained the soggy orange cubes over a bowl for about an hour, discarding quite a lot of liquid before refrigerating the solids. When I went to mash up the bright orange stuff it was very soft, just needed a bit of whisking for a smooth, silky texture. It made fantastic pumpkin scones, not pie, but it would have worked beautifully. Without a microwave steaming would have worked just as well. I'm not convinced it's worth the effort when you're making an elaborate feast, but it's always nice to conquer previous failures.

Susan, I'd like to revisit the pumpkin pie issue at some point because it does go against the grain to use a can when I can obtain the fresh produce. However, it's not going to be on the day when I have the rest of the feast to prepare as well! Thanks for the tip and I'll tuck it away until I have the time to make the pie properly!

Thanks again Meg, we had a wonderful time, and couldn't have enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast any better! And we felt very honoured to be the priviliged guests chosen to try the Cheval Blanc!

I definitely agree with you on the pie - I've always had more success with canned filling, and your spicy version was delicious, especially with the cinammon cream.

Hi Meg,

Followed a link to here from the Message website....a few whole milk necessary or can I use demi ecreme? I will be using potiron muscade from the market, I assume I can just steam it up and use it in place of the canned pumpkin? Last year I made pumpkin pie from scratch (not from canned pumpkin) and it was pretty soupy (yet nonetheless delicious), any ideas?


Alison, demi-écremé is fine. I would think that the muscade squash would be fin. On the soupiness issue, if you steamed the pumpkin last year that might be the problem. You could either try roasting the squash (around 200C for 50-60 minutes) or maybe add an extra egg to the mix to firm things up. Hope that helps!

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