Comments: Spiced Sweet Potato Pie


Oh, I love sweet potato pies! Yours looks very fine...

Cocanut milk w/ sweet potatosounds wonderful. In the true South, toasted marshmellows are called for as a topping for sweet potato pies.

Pumpkin pie pales in comparison to sweet potato! And I am a southerner who has never had a sweet potato pie with marshmallows. Casserole, yes, but pie, no. Sounds sort of good, though. But a pecan praline topping would be better, I think. I love your blog! It's divine!

The oily residue problem has happened to me before. I bet if you cut down on the amount of butter it would help. A whole stick for a pie seems like a lot.

I'm from the south. I never made the pie with coconut milk. I had it today and it is realy outstanding. Slightly lighter taste than with evaporated milk.

Is that supposed to read "5.6 oz." can of coconut, or was it supposed to be 15.6? It came out fine with only 6 oz of coconut milk, but I was wondering if it was supposed to be more liquid like a pumpkin pie. (Also, it came out fine even though I forgot to add the sugar (!!), though it could've used a bit more sweetness.. Ooops =)

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