Comments: Napa Cabbage with Golden Tofu


I wouldn't be surprised at all. This is just the kind of dish I love. Thanks for the recipe.

I wouldn't be surprised at all. This is just the kind of dish I love. Thanks for the recipe.

The true is, that cabbage is really a part of our traditional cuisine here in eastern Europe. But needn´t be "heavy food". TRY: chopped cabbage mixed with minced or chopped potatoes, ,marjorie, minced garlic,salt and pleine flour to make a light staff/thicker than omelette/ and than fried on oil until crispy and brown! Try as well with sour cabbage. Can be filled like omelette with some sauté, mushrooms.....

Also, check out one of Barrett's earliest recipes for Cabbage and Lentil Salad:

It's slightly spicy and garlicky, very light and healthy and absolutely delicious!

Is cabbage really related to lettuce? I never knew that!

Kathy -- I think Barrett was saying that regular cabbage is similar to (and distinguishable from) napa cabbage in the same way that iceberg lettuce is similar to (and distinguishable from) romaine lettuce, and not that cabbage and lettuce are related. (They are related, but only distantly, in the way that people and dogs are related by both being mammals. Cabbage is much more closely related to things like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale (which genetically are all in the same species), and a little less closely related to other mustard greens like bok choi and napa cabbage (both in the same genus as regular cabbage). (Bok Choi: regular cabbage's Neanderthal Man.))

This looks so good - too bad I have a cabbage and tofu hating spouse!

Kathy, lettuce is in the sunflower family, Asteraceae. Cabbage and other crucifers are in the Brassicaceae.


I noticed you are in MD. Is their a Kitchen MD or DC in the metro area? We've been searching for commercial kitchen use for months now and have come close, but in the end landlords go MIA....

We would LOVe to know if the DC is lucky enough to have something like Chicago!!

Absolutely a fantastic recipe. I made need to tone down the cayenne for my friends but I found this to be just great! Thank you

Holy Crap!!! Way too much cumin. Our family loves spicy but this was nasty. Will try again with much less cumin. Has much potential as other flavors were quite nice.

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