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Huzzah! Congratulations, Meg!

I thought the zombie-like tiredness was supposed to set in only once you had two in diapers.

We're so happy to hear the news. When you get your energy back (hopefully soon), I anticipate a slew of comfort food ideas.

Meg-- Fantastic news! I was thinking you'd been a bit quiet since you returned from your trip. I wish you many. many congratulations!
Arrrgh, I'm so excited for you!

Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!!! What fabulous news!!!!
Gros Bisous!

Barrett, the tiredness you get from lack of sleep is NOTHING compared to the dead-to-the-world sleep you need in pregnancy. I keep telling myself that this is really the worst part in terms of tiredness. (And if any of you out there disagree, please do not disillusion me. I need my little fantasies.)

Marianne, although the morning sickness has been worse this time around I've actually managed to eat a fair variety of food - spicy food seems to appeal more than bland. That said, brother Kurt's Thimbleberry Jam (which, on toast, makes an idea Pregnant Woman's Breakfast) will be figuring here soon, as well as a very soothing vol au vent! For some reason I've been roasting a lot of chickens...

Michele and Alisa - thanks! Hope to see you both soon and show off my rapidly growing bump!

When I was prego, the tiredness was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and became known in my small circle as "prego tired"! During both pregnancies I was sick sick sick for three months, and craved, and was able to eat super spicy food for the duration of the pregnancy. This was explained to me, by those that know everything, that this meant for sure that I was having a girl.

Well, Alisa, I'm certainly that tired and sicker than the last time and eating very spicy food - so we shall see in six months' time whether your friends are right this time around!


Congratulations, Meg! Exciting news!

Congratulations, Meg! Exciting news!

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