Comments: Full of Beans: Black Bean Ice Cream


That looks really good. Red bean is one of my favorite kinds of ice cream, so I am sure I would love black bean, too. :)

Intriguing! I wish I could have tasted it. (It sounds like a lot of work, though...!)

Meg, it wasn't that much work at all. The churning and freezing take a long time, but the rest of it comes together pretty quickly.

Ok, thats it. I'm getting an icecream maker. Red bean Adzuki icecream sounds amazing... I'm sure black bean was good too, but my favorite treats in Tokyo were all red bean based. YUM! Thanks for sharing this!

Wow, this is interesting!!
I would never think about a black bean ice cream... however, I have seen "brownies" made using black beans! Have you seen that recipe? Let me know if you would like to dig it up for you, seems like a nice one to try in your bean project!!
Nice blog by the way!

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