Comments: Stuffed eggplant, take two


SUre, go ahead a flaunt the availability of spinach in Europe while we poor Americans have to make do with chard and kale. The temporary e. coli inspired ban on spinach has made me desperate for the stuff.

The dish looks very tasty, though the cheese may push it into the less healthy than my stuffed eggplant recipe territory.

In any case, I'm sure this won't be the last type of stuffed eggplant either of us cook.

Actually, in retrospect I think you could probably halve the amount of mozzarella and it would taste just as good. Next time, I'll probably double everything except the mozzarella and spread it over four halves, as it did get a little chewy.

Yep, I do love spinach. Hope you get over your embargo soon!

Very nice! I've been needing to do a Take Two on stuffed eggplant too. I didn't do the pre-roast so they were a little, um, let's say chewy. I'd like go for chard vs spinach ... thanks for the inspiration!

This made an awesome main dish for my family's dinner last eve. I served it with spaghetti and a tomato/cream sauce. I added fresh, minced garlic and basil from my herb garden. It doesn't "need" any tweaking, although for dedicated carnivores,[which I'm not] you could serve it with Italian sausage links. My family LOVED this so much, I'm going to try to plant some eggplant yet this season. Thanks!

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