Comments: Bertha's Mussels


If I am ever in Baltimore I have to visit Bertha's !!

BUT. Does your car now sport a Bertha's bumper sticker???

You left out a vital piece of information!

Seriously, that sounds like a fantastic place. I'm looking forward to trying it when we finally manage a visit!

Meg - I haven't put a bumper sticker on my car, in part because they disappeared into the Redhead's purse and I haven't seen tehm since.

I think she may be trying to prevent me defacing my new car...

I think you'll like Bertha's a lot.

When may I come back and try this place?
We can share catfish.

Folk peformers John Roberts and Tony Barrand have a live album recorded at Holsteins in Chicago called, oddly enough, "Eat Bertha's Mussels!" It's a great album; my favorite is the hard to find classic, "I am the man, the very fat man, that waters the workers beer." Roberts and Barrand are ex-pat Brits (Critic take note!); the album liner notes are straight-faced in claiming that they perform only one song in dialect: an American cowboy song.


WoW! i thought these kind of places were a thing of the past! Thanks billions for the story.

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