Comments: Molasses Cookies


I love molasses spice cookies -- in fact, I kick up the spice with both fresh ginger and ground ginger!

Molasses are so good, especially when raisins are added. I usually omit the brown sugar and use only molasses. I perfer the kind that is made by the local farmers in the Carolinas and Tenn. But they are great with a glass of whole milk on a cold winter day.

Your post reminded me of a story I had seen on PBS once....The Great Mollases Flood of 1919

Kitchenbeard - I was going to include a reference to that but I was in a hurry this morning and didn't take the time to Google it up (I couldn't remember where it had happened).

It's amusing at first, but when you really think about how horrible a disaster!

Molasses cookies are hard to beat. I haven't made them in a long time, and I'm glad you've reminded me. Plus, your recipe looks more delicous than mine! Thanks!

I love this recipe. I was craving molasses cookies last November, (even though I'm pretty sure I've never had a molasses cookie in my entire life) and I finally decided to try yours. I gave some to my friends for Christmas, and I'm still getting requests now! I love the heavy dose of spices, and I've just about perfected the cracked top that makes them so enticing. Thanks for sharing this!

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