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Lightweight ;-)

Plum chutney is only the first of all the canning we have to do to preserve the plums that ripen on our EIGHT plum trees each year. After the chutney comes the plum jam, plum jelly, plum rum, vanilla poached plums, spicy pickled plums, plums in port, Chinese plum sauce...Oh yeah, and I can't forget the dried fruit - plum leather and prunes - or the frozen plum kuchen!

No one is EVER surprised by our hostess gifts anymore...

OOoh, I am so jealous!! One of my life's ambitions is to someday own a house with a yard big enough for at least three plum trees. The house I grew up in was built on what was formerly the orchard of a farm and we also had five plum trees. And a few cherry trees. And my uncle gave me an apple tree for my sixth birthday.

So for me, the plums come first. Then the apples. And then the beehive (but don't tell the Critic as he hasn't yet completely forgiven me for the wormery).

What, no goats for cheese? I'm disappointed.

Love plums. I like a plum that's been soaked in brandy or cognac for a very long time.

I really like the idea of a tree as a present for a child. Your uncle was wise to give you one.

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