Comments: Fried Haloumi with basil


sounds yummy... i need to try this.

great photo, btw.

What does Dr. Redhead say about this starter? (Aside from "it's delish"!)

Fried cheese....mmaahhhh...

Actually, Dr. Redhead said "Fried fat is good!"

I don't think she meant from a health standpoint, but she did enjoy it.

I usually order Haloumi as a starter at our local Greek restaurant around the corner, but never tried cooking with it myself... Fried cheese is evil - and soooo good!

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Where do you buy your haloumi? I live in Seattle and it looks like the local Whole Foods and Delaurenti (an Italian deli specializing in cheeses from around the world) don't have it.

I loooooovvvvveeeeee saganaki mmmmmh mmmmmh mmmmmh.x

Had fried haloumi for the first time at the weekend while camping, bloody delicious, now a regular item on my shopping list

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