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That ginger ale sounds so good ! :)


I take exception to your statement that Ginger Ale is not sold in France. Whenever I am in France, it is usually in the summer and I find a cold can of ginger ale refreshing. I can always find cans of Schweppes Ginger Ale for sale in small neighborhood markets.

I love Ginger Ale, the more fiery the better.
I love ginger too, so I think the more the better! This is something I will definately give a try.

Tom, you are right: I forgot to mention that I HAVE seen the occasional 2-litre bottle. But it's difficult to find a can of it and I generally drink it by the can. I'll keep a better eye out in the small Arab shops - maybe that's where I've gone wrong!

In any case, this recipe is pretty tasty and only takes about half an hour to make enough syrup for 6-8 glasses.

Also, I forgot to mention my pet peeve: when I have managed to find Canada Dry here I it doesn't taste the same as I remember. For some reason they have substituted part of the sugar with Nutrasweet, which I detest!! I can understand wanting to cut down on some of the sugar - it's one of the reasons I like it better than Coke and that ilk - but NUTRASWEET? Out of the frying pan and into the fire, in my humble...

canada dry is available anywhere in france since many years, even in cans :)

Not in my local Monoprix or Franprix, I'm afraid Krysalia! I've lived in the 11th, the 12t, the 15th, the 16th, the 17th, Neuilly sur Seine and Montreuil so far...

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I've kind of gone off Canada dry since they started putting Nutrasweet in the equation!

I remember having wonderful homemade ginger ale in Trinidad. It was made by our host, who was a fabulous cook who took me to the food market in Arima every morning, and every evening made a different traditional Trinidadian dish for us. She made the most potent ginger ale, and also a sorrel soda that was sour and purplish, and delicious.

i really love ginger ale

I`m looking for sugsr free Ginger Ale

I am looking for a full flavored ginger-ale. all that I try fall flat. Is there a brand out there that I don't know about? Thank you,...Waymon

Waymon . . . I'll bet your my shipmate aboard the USS Wainwright. Stop by here in Western Michigan and I'll go buy a case of Vernor's . . .

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