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However abstract this comment may seem...
I recently went to Whitby (seaside town in England), and was happy to spot the Magpie Cafe by the seafront, which is said to make the best Fish and Chips in England (by the said Rick Stein).

Unfortunately the queue was out of the door, it was raining heavily, and I had no jacket.
We settled for a cheap cafe filled with old people, where we had a rather lacklustre Fish/Chips/Mushy Peas!

Oh well!

Scott, I visited Whitby a few years ago and just fell in love with North Yorkshire. I've been trying to convince the Critic that IF we move to the UK, Yorkshire would be the place to go. He keeps dithering about the weather, but frankly after a week - in AUGUST - in Cornwall, I don't see how it can be that much worse than the rest of England! If that's the best England can offer weather-wise (which is what he assured me as I packed the swimsuits and lilos), give me Yorkshire!

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