Comments: Heirloom Caprese


Last night I made a Locavore Heirloom Tomato sandwich that was outrageously good. From bottom to top:

1. Whole wheat pita, brushed with olive oil and toasted as the bun bottom
2. Two thick slices of sauteed tomato, salt and pepper each side and top with bread or cracker crumbs about 7-8 minutes in to the saute
3. Sauteed onion, peppers, garlic, parsley, and basil
4. Mesclun mix, with balsamic vinegar splash
5. Top slice of toasted pita
6. Garnish with sprouts (in this case, micro radish greens)

The tomatoes were so good. So, so good.

All of the produce came from our CSA, and the pita was baked at our local store, so the only things that traveled were the olive oil (Turkey) and the vinegar. (California)

if you end up with any preferences for particular varieties, please do share them. we've had such success with our tomatoes in the yard this year (i just picked 50 on tuesday) that i'm going to go for some heirlooms next year...

Paul, I wish I could identify the varietals. The store we go to that has such great heirloom tomatoes doesn't know which they are, they just buy them from the local farmers and sell them all for one price.

Maybe I'll look at a Burpee catalog and see if I can figure out some likely candidates.

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