Comments: Gibsons straight up


We actually did go to Gibson's one night this year to meet friends who had come in from out of town to visit. They were having a big dinner there, and we met them for drinks beforehand.

We acted as seat-fillers until the rest of the party arrived, and I dutifuly relayed the order for the person whose seat I was filling. When they got there, we left and the Redhead and I had a lovely sushi dinner up the street.

Oh and to explain the exceptions, I left myself a twice a year steak because it was hard going veg cold turkey, and I'm not vegetarian for moral but for health reasons.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey (or goose) exemptions are for convenience. We don't want to be a pain in the ass at a family function. With The Redhead's schedule this year, we may not make it back for Thanksgiving, so we may skip that bird this year.

The corned beef and cabbage on St. Pat's is a sentimental thing. It was the one meal my Dad made every year, and as his birthday is not long after St. Pat's, it reminds me of him.

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