Comments: Lessons Learned


Barrett, that is so funny - I also made a patty pan squash a couple of months ago and decided not to post because the end product was kind of bland and uninteresting. Maybe it's not us but the squash? ; )

I got cool photos of the squash before cutting though. Maybe some day I'll find a use for them!

Oh, I loved the squash. They liked the vinegar and the worcestershire and garlic a lot. The amounts necessary to flavor them, however, nuked the greens and overwhelmed their flavor.

I'll definitely be buying more of the little flying saucer guys.

Stuffed pattypans are really good, too, Barrette. Make a rice and veggie based stuffing that utilizes the innards of the squash you have scooped out and it is fantastic. You can steam the hollowed out squash shells a bit first, or do what I do and stuff the little buggers, and set them in a glass baking dish, and pour water that comes 1/3=1/2 the way up the shells and bake them until they are tender.

Very tasty.

As for the greens--collards and kale are better partners that will cook in roughly the same amount of time. Turnip greens take less time to cook in a saute and mustard greens take longer, along with chard. All of them take a deft hand with the vinegar--and yes, you can add a bit more veg broth to make up the moisture.

You know what is really good, though? Soaking some dried mushrooms in warm sherry for a bit, squeezing them out, then mincing them and adding them to your onions and garlic you saute for your greens. Then, use the mushroomy sherry broth in with the greens. Very nice.

Barrett, thanks for reminding us that food is something to be enjoyed, experimented with, and occasionally laughed at! I think those of us who write about food for a living tend to take it all too seriously. It is about fun, about friends, about family, and -- occasionally -- about failure.

By the way, I love those little patty pans, which are abundant at my farmers' market this month. I usually slice them in half vertically (I know, they are somewhat less beautiful that way), and toss them with some s&p, olive oil, and throw them on the grill.

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