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Oh my these look and sound obscenely good! I am a sucker for chile rellenos. Will put these on my list to try.

Amy, I was very happy with the results. I had one of those "Holy cow - did *I* make this?" moments. I hope you do, too.

In a pinch, the canned chilies aren't too bad. I can't get pablanos here so I bring the canned chilies with me from the States.

I just wanted to sympathize! I also recently moved from Chicago, but to Baltimore, and I agree that it is much harder to find good "ethnic" food markets. Luckily I found a wonderful Indian/Pakistani store that provides well, but I've had no luck with latino markets. Well, happy hunting!

Ruth, you can't just tease like that - where's the Indian store? I know about Sizar's off Snowden in Columbia but that's more Persian.

These have always been one of my favorites as well, although I usually go with the ground beef with cheese filling. I'll defenitley give these a shot sometime.

Barrette--what is the name of the place in Columbia you found? It obviously opened after I left--but still, I might want to visit it when we come back to visit.

For Indian, closer than Baltimore is the place in Laurel--gah--now, I can't think of the name. It starts with an A, and it is on Route 1, right before it splits into a divided four-lane in Laurel. If I think of it, I will email you, but look in the phone book in Laurel under grocery or food and you will find it.

It has a good selection of stuff, and the proprietor is really nice.

There used to be another place in Columbia, too--near Elicott City. They had great stuff.

Barbara - I just looked it up. It's Lily's Mexican Market.

It's a small place, but has most of what I couldn't find in other markets.

Though i m not at all use to even a little spicy food, but could not resist my temptation for these Chilies. Now this is the dish i should be after. They are simply giving a yummmmmmmmy look!!

This recipe has become a favorite in my house. For years, we had tried to recreate restaurant quality rellanos---these do it perfectly.

I have found that using 3 eggs is sufficient. I just made 6 peppers and had batter left over.

This sounds like the recipe used around here for generations. I prefer cheese stuffing with a cheese sauce. The Mexican sausage makes a good stuffing as does venison sausage Texas style. Pepper Jack and Velvetta mixed with the Mexican cheese. Also some like Chili as the sauce.

The first time I had these was two months ago in Tijuana at the "Cave Bar" on Revolution Ave. and let me tell you they were great. My wife and I ordered more and took them back to our Hotel ,WOW. Now I will make my own. Thanks for the recipe!

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