Comments: Hard-Boiled Detective


Another stupid marketing scheme. One of the first cooking expieriences I had as a kid was my mother showing me how to boil an egg. This inked-egg is for lazybones cooks, IMO.

Agree with JayinVT. How hard is it to boil an egg? Maybe your first times a soft boiled becomes a hard boiled or vice versa...but how does one learn if not by one's mistakes. Sometimes from mistakes, great recipes are even born!

Well, I don't think these eggs will do the trick, but not for the reasons Lu and Jayinvt mention. The problem is, if you can't concentrate on the time to boil an egg, then you also will inevitably get distracted watching the egg waiting for the ink to show up.
What they need is an egg that will emit a piercing whistle when it is ready.

They seems to know a lot about marketing strategies and how to promote their brand!! But that's something hilarious and weird too. Nways, variety is the spice of life and so i m liking a new way to boil an egg.

How much extra do they want us to pay for having ink on our eggs???? Geez Louise. What's next? Voice-activated foods that cook themselves on command?

lydia - they tried that with self-immolating chickens, but they often ended up butchering and frying themselves in the barnyard, which alarmed the cows something awful.

Barrett, you know what they say about the best laid plans....

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