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Meg could the Ramsons, the same or related to mountain Ramps found the southern part of the US. I love anything in the onion or garlic family.. Sounds like I have to make some potato salad for dinner.


Gino, I think they are definitely in the same family. According to Wiki, ramps are also known as wild leeks and have the latin name Allium tricoccum. Ramsons (Allium ursinum) are known as wood garlic or bear's garlic in English, but "bear leeks" in German!

I agree, though - love every member of the family I've met so far!

It is the same family as our ramps here in the US, which by the way, grow all the way up the Applachian range to Canada! They are not just a southern US plant--they are a mountain plant.

The reason that they have the reputation for being a southern plant is because the poor hillbillies of the south made more use of it than the folks in the north. Now that Mario Batali has gotten hold of ramps and put them in his restaurants and on his shows, they are becoming popular in the northeast.

My hillbilly mother finds this ever so odd and amusing.

Meg--does bear garlic scent come through yor pores after eating it the way the smell of ramps does?

Barlauch ist zu Verkaufen! Im ganzen Jahr!

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