Comments: Happy Holidays...


So nice to know someone else is guilty of the same hoarding habits. And cannot face up to making decisions about keeping the offending stuff or chucking it OUT.
My family is now allowed to clean the fridge up and remove suspicious looking food without referring to me.
I am just so grateful to have it all empty- so I can begin to fill it up again.

Aww shucks, Meg. You think Jan 2006 is sinful? Come on, that is child's play! TEE HEE.

I have been living with Mom the past couple of months and have been throwing out food well past 6 years old. One packet of beignet mix has been with us so long it was like a member of the family! She says I can toss but only when she is gone so she doesn't have to see the carnage. My siblings have rejoiced over this development because they were all too scared to eat it or throw it away! It is much easier when it's not your own. :)

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