Comments: Reverting to Bachelor Mode


Please don't totally succumb to the processed food! Your poor wife will start feeling guilty for having to be at work so much. Hummus, pita and pickly aren't bad, but herring in real (as opposed to what?) sour cream. Sorry, just teasing. I actually understand your experience very well. My husband travels occasionally for business and last week, it was so hard to get my act together to cook. I had no choice, as I wasn't in the mood for tuna or canned soup. It is also nice to have a sous chef to help with prep. One upside is that you'll have all those leftovers for lunch. I ate stuffed peppers for 4 meals in 3 days.

Julie, I try not to think too hard about what the alternatives are to REAL sour cream. I've never really considered sour cream to be a gourmet item, but I can certainly imaging horrific substitutes.

We're going out for dinner tonight, and she has the weekend off (for once) so I'll have someone to cook for.

Microwaved nachos for dinner. Calf's liver, artichokes or anything "weird" that the Critic would never in a million years expect. And cheese and crackers, occasionally.

I spend a lot of time eating leftovers actually. I habitually make too much food (I blame early training by my Austrian grandmother) but I also hate to throw anything edible away. So, leftovers.

I've already confessed to my own jar-food behavior once this week, so here goes again: Miracle Whip, sardines, crackers. My husband can't stand to watch, so I only do this when I'm alone in the house. Maybe he can't stand the aroma, either!

My husband who is French eats rabbit and veal brain when I'm not at home. I have trouble looking at either, but especially the brain. I tend to have junk when he is gone, cheese and wine, a small package of nuts, sometimes some pudding. I used to have Cheerios for dinner as well but can't find them easily, or as cheaply, here in France. He always wants a decent dinner that requires some work. I usually don't cook at all when on my own.

Since I cook for one almost exclusively, some of my meals are just microwave popcorn or a can of soup mixed with instant rice in the microwave. Also, cheese wrapped in a slice of cold cuts.

I'm fairly certain that I got the Redhead to try both mango pickle and hummus (not together) many years ago; she might have been humoring me, but she didn't seem too averse to either of them.

Also, as someone with no need to revert to bachelor cookery, I can say that random tidbits is a time-honored dining-alone tradition, and nothing to be ashamed of; a good friend of mine's favorite dinner, in fact, is "Pieces of Things" on a plate, which she has even convinced her husband is a legitimate meal-for-two.

Freezer foods are consumed when the Man is out of town! Tonight was Spanakopita from Impromptu Gourmet.

The Goobers (16-year-old twin boys) wouldn't touch it so it was all mine! They foraged and had corndogs (yuck!).

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