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This sounds delicious. Since it's been just as hot here in Berlin as it is in Paris, I'm constantly on the lookout for salad recipes. I'll print it right away and "file" the recipe somewhere.... Glad I'm not the only one who's appartment is filled with hundreds of recipes I've yet to try!

Now that's a recipe I can get behind. I might make that tonight, in fact.

Let me know how you like it - I thought it was delicious. In fact, i finished the last of it at lunch today and almost made it again tonight...!

By the way, I forgot to mention the main differences between my version and Nigel's:

- pre-cooked beans instead of dried ones (mentioned that)
- he used twice as much dressing and zapped it in a hand blender. I didn't have enough herbs and anyway I like the texture of little bits of herb leaves on beans. I thought it had plenty of flavour as I did it.
- he poached the salmon in water with wine, onion and a few juniper berries. I thought grilling gave it a more interesting texture, with crusty bits and a smoky flavour.

Grilled salmon (my favorite), white beans and tarragon....what could be bad?! My tarragon has taken over the garden this year, and I've been looking for new recipes to try. So, you know what will happen, right? I'll print this, put it on my desk in case I remember to put it in the folder of recipes I mean to type into my recipe program on the get the idea. From one recipe saver to another, thanks!

Lydia, I recently created a new folder in my bookmarks simply called "Recipes" for all the ones I'd like to get back to at some point. When I'm stuck for an idea for dinner, I sometimes remember to look there!

And as I was about to throw away the page with the bean salad recipe, I came across this one and thought of you:

Tarragon bean soup

250 g white haricot beans
2-3 bay leaves
thick slice of butter or Tbs of olive oil
5 spring onions
a medium carrot
a clove of garlic
1 litre chicken or vegetable stock
10 g fresh tarragon

Soak the beans overnight, drain and then bring to a boil in water with a bay leaf and a little olive oil. Cook for an hour or so or until the beans are soft.

Warm the butter or oil in a heavy based pan. Roughly chop the spring onions and stew in the oil a few minutes. Add the finely diced carrots and garlic and cook for another five minutes. Add the beans to the onion and carrot mixture, pour in the stock and leave to simmer with salt, black pepper, half the tarragon and the remaining bay leaves for a good half hour, until the beans begin to collapse. Ad the rest of the tarragon and blitz in a blender till smooth and thick. Season to taste!

Thanks, Meg. The soup sounds luscious!

I m ready to pay you any cost for those piles and scraps of papers, i mean recipes.

I love salmon and am always looking for new ways to fix it. i WILL try this in the near future, I promise.

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