Comments: Canicule Cooking: Gazpacho and Pita pockets


I've been told that a hot (as in temperature hot) beverage will cool you off. I don't particularly believe this, but it has been asserted.

I haven't tried a fruity gazpacho, but if the heat wave here returns (where we hit 100F), I may try to make some.

Meg, my Parisienne girlfriend has been telling me about the extreme heat -- along with the "fun" of the Metro during these times. Ahem. Anyway, this sounds like a wonderful recipe and I plan to try it next week. Go ahead and feel sorry for me as we had no power here in our Chicagoland home for 30 hours until this morning from a lightning storm Monday night. OK -- don't feel sorry, I was just being silly. Thanks to you all for some really great recipes.

Do you deliver?

Barrett, I think that belief is strong in the tea-drinking Britannic isles, but I have to say that the Critic is more than happy to adopt the American tradition of iced tea in the hot summer.

Lu, it is indeed very unpleasant on the metro at the moment. Luckily, to get to work I take a bus and then only have three stops on the metro. I get off one stop before my destination most days because it's more pleasant to walk outdoors!

David, only to good friends and you qualify! However, there isn't much left...sniff...

Meg, apparently it's an Indian thing as well. Of course who influenced whom in the Brit-Indian equation is a good question.

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