Comments: Pesta, Pasta and Spring Vegetables


I think this is exactly why Barrett has a personal photographer on hand with a studio connected to his kitchen. This way a plate may be whisked away and documented beyond the gaze of guests.

Yeah. What Justin said. That's what I do.

To prevent just such an occurance, I'm just finishing up the install of the Documentarianomatic 6000 next month. It consists of a bunch of cameras cleverly disguised as sprinkler heads that take pictures of everything food-related in th ehouse, which is determined through a complex algorithm.

This has unfortunately led to a few embarrasing photos of our cat, er, cleaning himself, but we're working on the bugs.

Good there's no pic over here. I would say never to put those in front of a hungry
Bobby either........could be very dangerous.

Barrett, did you see the story about the MIT professor who has installed video cameras throughout his home to record every second of his newborn son's life?

Maybe he can give you some tips on making them unobtrusive...? ; )

Here's the link:

The photo that says a thousand words. :) Must have been a really great pasta dish.

So you are good at philandering dear. Keep going, your quality would help you out in other fields too...........(flirting) ):

The picture says it all! This is something I can actually make ...i.e most of the ingredients are available here. Meg, France, food and wine , out of this world! I have been speechless for 3 months but will write a little bit about my trip there...someday.

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