Comments: Grilled Baba Ghanoush


It looks great. Congratulations on the grill.

I said the main difference was 40 minutes. I'll never argue with the flavor. Even with woodchips thrown into the gas grill the flavor of the charcoal grill is more noticable and usually better. But, I'm a lazy griller and I like that the meal is over by the time I usually had the coals just right. Darn families demanding on-time dinners!

Did you use this one as a main dish or as an appetizer?

Actually, we ate it by its lonesome as a "not quite time for dinner" snack. It didn't last long. I'll be making more as eggplant prices drop.

Thanks for saying nice things. Must be like talking about the Cubs, only completely the opposite. (Grrr.)

Do you have a chimney charcoal starter for you grill? From what I understand, they make all the difference....and the cult of Alton Brown tells me that it can be used to make a quickly-seared tuna.

I really should learn how to read.

Don't mind me.


Nothing like a charcoal Weber. We have one that uses a small propane tank to start the coals. And, if you can find it, use real Tennessee charcoal and ditch the Kingsford. VERY fast start up with the "real thing".

Mmmm, baba ganoush. That looks amazing. Chargrilled eggplant is amazing if you have access to a grill (which I don't). Have you ever tried making tahini gravy? I know this place that does a great tahini brown gravy that goes well just sloshed over some brown rice.....mmmmmm!!!!

Oh lovely, Baba Ganoush. Well just waiting to get it cooked and will eat it! It's lokking so yummy that I can't wait anymore. Thnx for the ingredients that can help me in cooking. Keep up the good work!

I completely agree that charcoal cooking tastes much better than propane. It's definitely not as quick or easy but the extra time and energy is worth it.

Cooking on charcoal grill or a gas grill hardly matters, the food should excite all the senses and not only the taste, that's above all even if you ve to wait 40mins extra.

Looks good!!!!! I have made this and it goes good with a cold beer and your favorite chip. I like to roast my garlic and add extra to ward of the vampires.

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