Comments: Arroz con coco or Unhealthy (but tasty) Colombian vegetarian cuisine: Part 1 in a series


This is a side dish and not dessert? With mango it would be dessert in my house. Either way, it sounds delicious!

Well, it doesn't have quite that much sugar (nor does it have milk). Although if you added more sugar and/or milk, it would be a great version of rice pudding.

Well I am not 100% sure about Colombia (will check it out) but in Venezuela we make it as a home made dessert and its just Arroz con Leche, althought it has sugar and milk, in my opinion its healthier then most dessert serve in the states. And its not a tipical vegeterian dish

Well, what do you know...there is a difference between Colombian and Venezuelan food.

This is my favorite rice. But remember to use only white or japanese rice. Never use long, enriched or basmati rice for this.

For non-vegetarians: This is a perfect side dish to seafood main courses. It doesn't go quite as well with beef or poultry.

For the Venezuelans: this is not quite the same as a rice pudding, which Colombians also have (one of many variations of the pudding uses coconut as well). As Justin mentioned: No milk here. Most importantly: this rice should be only slightly sweet, sticky but dry.

Unhealthy for your body but the opposite for the coconut craving souls!

Is this Columbian recipe for Arroz Con coco posted somewhere? I seem to have a big picture of the desert right ON TOP of the recipe. Thx

Hey how you dare to say that colombian dishes are bland or horrible ... and unhealty have no idea what are you talking about

Coconut unhealty? Come on!

so.....coconut rice is unhealty but a greasy burge is not.....right

that's not exactly the way you prepare arroz con coco, for your information there are 2 kinds of these recipes; one for the atlantic zone("the one above")which is a little bit sweet; the other kind from the pacific zone which is salty and white.

Besides, the best tipe of oil that people should use to cook is coconut oil wich resist more than any other the high temperatures.

justin you don't know nothing.....

This is a recipe from the Atlantic Coast of Colombia; it is served with fresh fish and platanos; it is delicious! try it.

Hi there,

Recently moved from Sydney to rural Portugal and cant quite find ingredients easily has I used to! But no one can stop my love for food... so i will try!
Can someone pls tell me if i they have tried making this dish with coconut cream?
I think it maybe my only option!

You have no idea about arroz con coco...
It is not unhealthy!!!
The "titote" concentrate of coconut is a great solution to prepare this delicious dish, which is not at a desert, please! it is a side dish to combine with fish.... you can find several recipes of arroz con coco online...

My mother is Colombian, and she makes very good arroz con coco... she has used the Colombian jar of coco concentrado and she has also used creamed coconut... so if that's all you have access to, it should still work!

This is *not* a dessert. arroz con coco is best served with a whole, pan-fried fish (red snapper - yum), a wedge of lime, fried green plantains and ice cold beer. preferably on a hot day on a white sand beach. that is my favorite way to have this rice, but then I am from the northern coast of Colombia. I also like to eat it in my mom's dining room, but really the white sand beach does something... amazing.

coconut milk or oil are not unhealthy. neither is avocado. c'mon stop believing the hype that low fat is somehow better for you. Traditional diets (coconut oil, palm oil, lard, moderation of course) along with fresh fruits, vegetables and limited amount of animal protein is what produced healthy robust populations...don't believe the hype that processed, white flours, sugars and no animal protein is healthy. Just take a look at Weston Price's book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration...he was a dentist who visited populations that did not have contact with the western world's nutrition and he found across the board that people who ate traditional foods (fermented food, yogurt, milk, whole grains, vegetables, animal proteins) had far better health, no tooth decay etc...It is the modern diet which is laden with sugars, processed grains, margarine, soy etc. weird oils like canola, corn etc...that take tons of chemical processes to make are what make us unhealthy.

As a Colombian don't blame coconut oil one of the best sources of antioxidants, antimicrobial, lowering cholesteral, maintaining healthy weight, preventing heart disease as any oil can have.

Blame your unnatural pure vegetarian diet. We are omnivores and a little animal protein is what we are supposed to have. Try a little bone broth soup on a daily basis and watch your immune system pick up.

Try the nourishing traditions cookbook for a recipe and read Bruce Fife's miracle of coconut oil to start.

All I can say TO YOU is TOO MANY INSULTS to Colombian food. TOO MANY IGNORANT COMMENTS, TOO MANY SIGNS OF LACK OF MANNERS, ETIQUETTE, AND CULTURAL LITERACY. The only thing horrible for you thing here is YOUR IGNORANCE. I declare you PERSONA NON GRATA in Colombia.

Come on, Arroz con coco is not unhealthy. Do you tasted the american food? is horrible and unhealthy.

I agree with the comments above. I am Colombian and find the comments a little insulting…but not that I'll take it to heart or anything LOL, and does it matter? if we eat so unhealthy and high in fats... then how come we have a low rate of obesity in Colombia?…just saying….no offense

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