Comments: Eggplant stuffed with Fruit and Nut Rice


This looks quite good. But in case this doesn't satiate your fix for sweet rice, just wait until tomorrow, when I hit you with it...Colombian style.

And we're back, now with commenting goodness.

I think your rice looks fine. (Shocking, must be the new camera) Wouldn't you get more flavor out of incorporating instead of sprinkling?

What else did you put with this? More veggies of what ilk?

We are back with comments thanks to a few tricks I hope will delay the inevitable comment death again. Akismet is the main hope.

I served this with a side of plate and fork. I figured with veggies, rice, fruit, and nuts it's a meal in a shell.


exactly what is wrong about a pennywort drink? The pennywort leaf is accually very healthy.The pennywort is not considered a "a strange thing that is grinded up into a soft drink" its just a leaf...what do you have to say about carrot drinks eh? or tomato juice?!!Do you think thats weird too? Being a chef, many would expect for you too respect other cultures, not to just simply make fun of it. you should also try working on your MANNERS along with your table manners!

Kristin - would manners include not bringing an irrelevant comment to a post? If you want to comment on the pennywort post itself, please do so. I will see it eventually.

As to what is wrong with the pennywort drink - it's disgusting. I gave it a shot and tried it before condemning it. I was skeptical, but open minded and when I tasted it none of my hopes and all my fears were confirmed. It tasted like chiled nasty humid, boiled lettuce.

If that's what you drink, fine, more power to you. People buy all kinds of gross foods and love them.

And I I pointed out on another comment on the pennywort drink post itself, respect for a culture does not mean blind acceptance of every artifact of that culture. I respect American culture, but I find hair metal bands and velour-look polyester sweatpants to be annoying. Does that mean I don't respect American culture?

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