Comments: Cherry addiction (Part II)


those look heavenly. I have never had cherries that fresh

Nor had I! We had a cherry tree in our yard when I was growing up, but it was a sour variety and so only good for cooking.

They were not quite as sweet as the store-bought ones I usually get, but very intense in flavour. It was a very thoughtful gift!

I am one of those weirdos who likes to eat sour cherries right off the tree.

In fact, I prefer them to sweet cherries, and always have.

That said, I would never turn down a gift of sweet or sour cherries....

Like Barbara, I actually prefer sour cherries to sweet. I've been on a huge sour cherry binge lately, since my parents' treeful had to be used up completely in the past week or so. I love this time of year!

Regarding sour cherries, here's a tip: put them in a food dryer and reduce them to little red flavor bombs. They lose much of their acidity, and retain their sweetness with a hint of their former pucker power.

Alas, even if you get an orchard with sweet cherrie trees you will find it difficult to harvest any without resorting to avian audio abuse - professional orchards use a propane powered 'gun' to scare away the birds every few minutes. Starlings and robins can strip a tree of its edible fruit in one pre-dawn morning. Sadly, I was able to pick only a handful of sweet dark cherries down at the as-yet-unnamed-Farm on Father's Day.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Kurt, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get more off your farm! Still, you are supporting a diverse eco-system this way...

We are lucky in that none of the birds seem to have discovered our 9th floor terrace.

Hope you had an enjoyable Dad's Day anyway!

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