Comments: Chocolate: Michel Richart and his babies


This was such a wonderful post. It made me feel like I was right there... and now I'm going to have to buy some chocolates.

My dictionary translates "ludiques" as playful, so it seems appropriate to what Mr. Richart wants to give through his bebes.
I liked your post and put it in my bookmarks.

You captured that visit and that gentleman chocolatier perfectly! I hope he gets a chance to read this lovely tribute.

Taina, thanks! I did give him a card before we left, but maybe I'll give them a call this afternoon to let them know it's finally been written!

Eyal, thanks for the translation - that is exactly the sense I've had in mind when I've seen it, but couldn't think ot the English word! Guess I need a new and better dictionary...!

Hey, does this make me a bébétoo?

I seem to recall you asking to be adopted! I guess that qualifies you as an honorary bébé. Does that mean we can cover you in chocolate and stick you in the shop window?

OK, tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the guy on the right is the spitting image of Mr. Cunningham from Happy Days?

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