Comments: Ginger Lemonade (with or without Rum)


I will of course point out that if you combine this recipe with the ginger ale experiments I did earlier, you could get a Euro-style fizzy lemonade.

And if you added rum to that? Hammered city.

You could also use home made lemonade.

Is this one of those "hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!" moments?!?

That looks interesting. I'm thinking that Lemoncello might work well with the ginger infusion. Or maybe Lemoncello and Ginger Ale.

p.s. there is an upcoming Mixology Monday (July 17) and the topic is lemons so please feel free contribute.

Ginger and lemon. I think I will start adding ginger to my plain lemonade now.

Another good drink is watermelon ginger limeade. The sweetness of the watermelon and the bite of ginger is a perfect combination... the slight tart of the lime rounds it out nicely. Plus, it's a good way to use up watermelons.

The basic recipe is:

3 cups strained watermelon juice
1 cups lime juice
1 cups ginger syrup

[Ginger syrup is made from a good 6" chunk of peeled and chopped ginger, 1-3/4 cups sugar, and 3-1/2 cups water all simmered down for about 5 minutes until syrupy (strain out the chunks of ginger) -- this makes 4 cups syrup]

Oh Heavens! Why has the fridge no strained watermelon juice? It's 97 degrees today!

This sounds really delicious and really easy.

But I think I'd like my booze version to let it own flavors stand up and use a good smooth vodka.

I think you might be wasting good vodka in something like this since it'll be overpowered. Conversely, the vanilla rum we used ( has a strong, sweet, almost artificial flavor and I think that's why it worked so well with the lemonade.

I just tried some stuff called ELIXIR G in LA. It's a ginger extract. They were mixing it with rum, tequila, and vodka (not at the same time). It packed a ginger whallop.

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