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Super reporting, Meg. So, what countries did he say the chocolate was from? Also, how much per pound (or kilo) do these truffles cost?

Justin, the ones I remember were Ecuador and Madagascar...I'm sure there were others. For a box of roughly 40 chocolates it was about 32 euros.

Expensive, but not outrageous. And although they have boxes made up, you can of course mix and match to your own taste if you prefer!

A mouth-watering post!

Beautifully written Meg! I can almost taste them! ; )

David, it was a fantastic day, thanks! And I think you know it...

; )

I'm so completely and utterly jealous. :)

I want to try the citrus ones..... mmmmm

You're living in Paris and you just got to eat as much high-end chocolate as you could in an afternoon.

We have to kill you now.

Cambias, a more appropriate - and effective - revenge would simply be to go "MOOOOOO" when walking behind me. I'm not sure my waistline will ever recover! ; )

I loaded this blog's feed into my reader, and then found this entry with all those big pics in the article PREVIEW!? What's up with that? Just tease me (and save me bandwidth!!!), and if the teaser interests me, then I'll click on the actual blog entry....THANX!

surfer, its a feed not a preview. Some people read the site entirely through the RSS and like having the pics there.

I'm just wondering, have you ever seen a carob shop; like a shop similar to the one mentioned in this article, except for carob instead of chocolate.
The only place I know of that sells really good carob is Holy Food Imports, but they only sell one kind and I was wondering if there are other varieties of carob that exist.

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