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I should mention that the above picture was taken by the lovely, the talented, Redhead, who is becoming quite the photographer.

Barrett--it may not be "authentic", but I am sure it is tasty.

And besides--I wouldn't be too sure it isn't authentic either. Just because you haven't found in a cookbook or in the menu of an Indian restaraunt (which is usually very limited), doesn't mean that folks in India wouldn't cook it that way.

After reading so many Indian food blogs, I can really understand how limited my understanding of Indian food is, and what a breadth of foods and cooking styles there is in the subcontinent.

That is indeed a fantastic photo, Barrett - tell the Redhead congratulations! And the recipe sounds great. Too bad I used up my spinach in the last recipe! ; )

This looks mouthwateringly good....the photo is indeed beautiful. Will have to try this for dinner sometime.

Speaking of recipes (lame attempt at a segue there!) do you have one for a nice, light crab salad? I just ordered some jumbo lump crab meat and would love to make something with it. The crab salad at Grace in LA changed my life....any ideas on how to recreate it?


Anne, I will defer to Meg or Justin on this one. I am unfortunately deathly allergic to crab, and I'm sure the crab salad at Grace would change my life, too, but not for the better. :)

Barrett- I wouldn't want a crab salad to change (or end) your life- YIKES! If any of the other chefs have ideas, I'd be happy to hear them. Crab is expensive so I don't want to screw it up!

I "borrowed" your recipe to do an Indian dinner for some clients yesterday and have to say that this was excellent.

It does need more salt, but definitely needs to be seasoned to taste, so starting at 2 teaspoons is a good baseline.

Skip the powdered ginger and use some minced ginger root, which gets heated up in the skillet with the garlic. The powdered ginger is overwhelmed by the garam masala.

Yum. I made this with some frozen mustard greens I had sitting in the freezer. Since I had no ghee and am too lazy to make it, I just put a TB of butter in at the end. yum.

Delicious! I am married to a Bengali and often cook various indian dishes. The chana dhall with spinach is delicious. It is health, easy to make, the flavors are robust and village authentic. On par with the recipes I have collected from my Bengali friends. I 2 tbsp of butter instead of ghee. This is a keeper.

This is a great recipe, I made it last night and it was so good!

Great recipe, especially love lime and ginger.
Chana dal is very low in glycemic index too, tastes lovely.

Great recipe, especially love lime and ginger.
Chana dal is very low in glycemic index too, tastes lovely.

I just discovered Anupy Singla’s “The Indian Slow Cooker” book which is mostly vegan or easily vegan adaptable and they are SIMPLE! She uses dried beans, unsoaked and most of the recipes you dump everything in at once and push the button. A couple have you cook the mustard seeds, etc…on the stove at the end but SO EASY!!
I have some of my totally NOVICE experience with slow cooker and Indian food written about at
But you might LOVE this book!! I stumbled upon it upon accident because I only look in the vegan book sections.

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