Comments: It's Getting to be Gazpacho Season


Comments are working again.

Finally, comments get fixed! I've been waiting to set the record straight here. For reference, there was in fact stale bread in the fridge; Justin just "forgot" to use it, and that after trying to weasel out of using it because it was stale French bread rather than white bread as the recipe called for. Clearly, he was just opposed to bread in his 'pacho. I think it's better when starched up, myself; if you go that route, remember to soak the bread briefly in cold water and then squeeze the excess out before adding it to the blender.

Also, you may need more water to get your blender spinning well; the bread does a good job of soaking up that excess if you have to go that route. Another alternative is to chop half of the the veggies a lot finer so that they get pureed more easily and provide the water needed to get the big chunks spinning in the blender.

Lastly: a dash or three of Tabasco or Tabasco green on top really brings this to life.

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