Comments: Happy Birthday To Me!


Happy Birthday, and enjoy your iMac! I'd bring you a cake, but I don't have very good luck carrying pastries through the streets of Paris.

(Since it's a holiday weekend, a lot of people split and you might not have much trouble getting in somewhere without a reservation too far in advance.)

I came here second!

Happy Birthday!!! And lucky you!

Meg, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. And I must say you look fab for 39! I never would have guessed it. All the best to you on your 39th!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks everyone! (And especially Michele - I'm blushing!)

Happy Birthday, Meg! Glad you are happy on the big day.

gâtée, va!

Happy birthday to you!
I just got the same little book, te recpies look's great!
A bientôt

Hey Meg. Happy Birthday!!!! David told me to try this to reach you. Hope you're having a great day.
Meg, when you have a second, can you drop me a note about next week in Paris?


Hoping you had the happiest of birthdays, Meg!

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