Comments: Food that fights back: The Nettle Challenge


I don't think I've ever had nettle soup. I had nettle tea once, and it was startling.

Maybe for the next Food that Fights Back you could take on an ornery lobster?

How about a bear?

Actually, I think I'll stick to aggressive vegetables, thank you.

The boy had whole-wheat spaghetti with a tablespoon of nettle soup and a tablespoon of creamy cheese for dinner and thought it was fantastic. So I can report that it works as a pasta sauce too!

The spores on the underside of sword fern leaves are the cure--works almost instantly. Also, the leaves are great raw. Just fold them up so only the "top" of the leaf is exposed, and then start chewing. It impresses friends. Nettles and wild sorrell are some of the best trail food in the Northwest.

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